Management Consultancy

We specialises in helping companies establish or strengthen their eCommerce business in China and SEA.

Expanding your Business

Starting or expanding your overseas business can be demanding in terms of resources, it is key to get a good idea of where you are putting your feet in before you even get started.

Empower our Customers

Expand to international markets by developing efficient go-to-market strategies, holistic digital marketing and advertising approaches .

Management Consultancy

Globalecom partners with you to scale your business globally. Following the projected increase in e-commerce sales worldwide, we believe that multichannel eCommerce strategy is the way forward for most businesses.

Global eCommerce

With channel lines continuing to blur, companies are launching direct-to-consumer platforms to reach people who will continue to buy online rather than visit physical stores. Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide. Businesses are seeing the value of expanding their online retail business within their domestic markets as well as overseas.

Key eCommerce trends that are becoming more prevalent.

Omnichannel Shopping


Cross-border eCommerce

eCommerce Personalisation

To capitalize on these eCommerce trends, physical stores must embrace infrastructures to bring their businesses from offline to online while online businesses must find new ways to further elevate their brands online.

With a population approaching 1.4 billion and a booming upper middle class, China continues to lead the global ecommerce market, bringing abundant opportunities for everyone. China is set to become the first market to transact more than half of its retail sales online, with over 50% of retail happening through ecommerce. Companies can capture these opportunities by having a unique value proposition and a clear market entry strategy in China’s highly competitive market.

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